• So….you wanna buy a boat?

    In our business of maintaining and repairing boats of all varieties, we frequently are asked to assist customers in deciding which boat is most appropriate for their individual circumstance. Even long term boaters who undergo changes in lifestyle or economic circumstances face that question.

    The ‘best’ boat for any individual or family can usually be determined by candid consideration of the following factors:

  • • How and where will the boat be used?
    • Typical number of crew & guests
    • New or Used?
    • Sail or power?
    • How large? – bigger is not always better
    • Below-deck necessary accommodations vs. comforts
    • Navigation skills of operator(s)
    • Critical equipment vs. frills
    • Purchase price and on-going maintenance expenses
    • Quality builders vs. the rest of the pack
    • Choosing the right surveyor
    • Evaluating alternative possibilities presently under consideration
    • Negotiating with seller

  • Our experience with happy boaters, as well as frustrated owners, gives us insight that can prove invaluable helping prospective buyers make informed decisions.

    We are not brokers. There is no incentive to sell boats in our yard.

    A ninety minute consultation with our technicians is only $350.00. Click on the link below for an appointment.